Purchase one of these punch cards at the counter at our facility and save yourself time & money! You pay up front for range buckets in quantities of 10 or 25 at a time. You can choose small, medium, or large buckets. When you are a Golf Pass card holder you simply hand your card to the clerk for a punch and receive a token. It makes everything quick, easy, and you save money!

  • Includes grass, mats and practice greens
  • No refunds if lost
  • Expires September 30 of the year purchased.

2019 Season – Prepaid Golf Range Pass Prices:

Small Buckets

10 Buckets$54.00$60.0010%
25 Buckets$128.00$150.0015%

Medium Buckets

10 Buckets$90.00$100.0010%
25 Buckets$213.00$250.0015%

Large Buckets

10 Buckets$135.00$150.0010%
25 Buckets$319.00$375.0015%